Alpine National Park Bioscan complete

MEDIA RELEASE | Date: 17 December 2013

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Photo: Museum Victoria/Parks VictoriaParks Victoria, Museum Victoria and 4WD Victoria have completed one of the most comprehensive wildlife, geology and palaeontology surveys ever conducted in the Eastern area of the Alpine National Park.

Over two weeks, the 100+ member team of researchers, park rangers and 4WD Victoria volunteers descended on the Park, focusing on a wide range of habitats including sphagnum moss bogs and streams, alpine meadows and grasslands, snow gum forests, boulder fields, limestone caves, rivers and adjacent riparian zones, rocky knolls and mixed eucalypt woodlands.

“Our focus was on species that previously had little or no recorded information. Many of these were listed or endangered.” Dr Mark Norman, Head of Sciences, Museum Victoria, said.  “Using small cage traps baited with peanut butter, oats and sardines, mammal researchers surveyed the small mammals of alpine bogs, boulder fields, grasslands and woodlands.  “Over the fortnight, we recorded endangered native Smoky Mouse and Broad-toothed Rat, as well as native Bush Rats and the tiny predatory Dusky Antechinus and Agile Antechinus.”

For a selection of images and film footage captured during the two-week bioscan, please click the link below