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Cultural resources

  • Australian Alps Aboriginal Cultural and Spiritual Values Report Summary – June 2014
  • Aboriginal community directions for heritage management in the Australian Alps – M Goulding and K Buckley in association with Context Pty Ltd for Australian Alps Liaison Committee, 2002 | A report arising from the Australian Alps Aboriginal Heritage and Directions Study. Out of print.
  • Advice on the conservation of the physical features of Willis – B Egloff and K Baker for Australian Alps Liaison Committee, 1994 | Out of print.
  • Australian Alps mining heritage conservation and presentation strategy – 2002
  • A bibliography of oral histories on the Australian Alps – S Hodges, Australian Alps Liaison Committee, 1996 | Annotated bibliography of 465 recorded oral histories from people associated with the Australian Alps. Out of print
  • Cultural heritage of the Australian Alps – Edited by B Scougall. Australian Alps Liaison Committee, 1992 | Proceedings of the 1991 Symposium (Jindabyne). | Available from Tabletop Press rrp. $19.95 email –
  • Cultural landscape management guidelines – 1996
  • Guide to building conservation works – Cultural Heritage Services Division, NSW NPWS, 1998 | Describes major aspects of conservation of a range of vernacular buildings typical of those found in national parks. Out of print.
  • International significance of the cultural values of the Australian Alps – 1999
  • Mountains of science – 2001
  • Remembering lost places in the Alps – R Kaufman and Australian Alps Liaison Committee, 2006 | A tribute to the places lost in the 2003 bushfires. | Available from Tabletop Press rrp. $14.95 email –
  • The scientific significance of the Australian Alps – edited by R Good, 1988 | Proceedings of the first Fenner Conference on the Environment. Out of print.
  • Victorian Alpine Huts Heritage Survey – Graeme Butler and Associates for Australian Alps Liaison Committee, 1996 | Detailed heritage assessment of about 110 huts in the Alpine National Park. Out of print.

Natural resources

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