A story of cooperation

In 1986, with the signing of the first Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), NSW, Victoria, ACT and Australian government national park authorities formally agreed the national parks in the Australian Alps should be managed cooperatively to protect the area’s special character. Through this spirit of cooperation the Australian Alps Liaison Committee (AALC) was formed to ensure that the parks and reserves in the Alps are managed as one biogeographical entity to protect them for generations to come.


Agencies working in partnership to achieve excellence in conservation management of the Australian Alps national parks’ natural and cultural values and sustainable use through an active program of cross border co-operation.


Through the MOU, participating agencies agree to the following objectives:

  • To pursue the growth and enhancement of inter-governmental cooperative management to protect the important natural and cultural values of the Australian Alps national parks.
  • To cooperate in the determination and implementation of best-practice management of the areas listed in Schedule 1 of the Memorandum of Understanding to achieve the:
    • protection of the unique mountain landscapes
    • protection of the natural and cultural values specific to the Australian Alps
    • provision of outdoor recreation and tourism opportunities that encourage the enjoyment, and understanding alpine and sub-alpine environments
    • protection of mountain catchments.

partnersPartner Agencies

Program functional relationships

The following entities have functional roles in the Australian Alps national parks Co-operative Management Program under the MOU

Australian Alps Ministerial Council

The Ministers responsible for participating agencies, who are in turn responsible for high-level inter-government relationships and the MOU

Australian Alps national parks Heads of Agencies Group

The Heads (or their representatives) of participating agencies meet annually to sign the annual report, consider strategic issues and advise the AALC on policy, priority areas and emerging issues.

Australian Alps Liaison Committee

The Australian Alps Liaison Committee (AALC) facilitates the development, coordination and implementation of the Co-operative Management Program. Its members include a senior officer from each of the participating agencies in NSW Victoria and the ACT, and from the relevant Australian Government department.

Reference Groups and Special Task Groups

A number of groups exist to advise the AALC on specific matters and to assist with the implementation of the Co-operative Management Program.  Their Terms of Reference include:

  • developing new projects in line with in the current Strategic Plan;
  • recommending priority projects for AALC funding; and
  • coordinating or project managing the projects.

Australian Alps national parks Reference Groups:  A summary of duties of responsibilities.