Caring for the Alps

Leave no trace

Care for the Alps now – so they’ll be just as wonderful in the future.

The exceptional natural and cultural values of the Australian Alps national parks offer a diverse range of experiences and recreation opportunities which attract more than two million visitors to the region annually.

In order to ensure that the Australian Alps’ fragile environment with unique plants and animals is protected and preserved, we ask that every visitor learns about the alps environment and takes simple steps to minimise the impacts you have on the environment as well as other visitors.

Respect the traditional Aboriginal owners and their country as well as other visitors by aiming to leave the area as you found it.

No matter what kind of activities you enjoy in the Alps, you can minimise the impacts you have on the environment and other visitors by following the simple guidelines described here. Challenge yourself to leave as little trace of your visit as possible.

Carry it in, carry it outCarry it in, carry it out

Whatever it is, don’t burn, bury or leave anything.
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toilet-288-cmykUse a toilet or take a walk…

…at least 100 paces from water and campsites. Dig 15cm deep and cover well.
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stove-1807-cmykUse a fuel stove

It’s quicker and cleaner for you, better for the bush.
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heritage-469-cmykCaring for huts and respecting heritage

Heritage places are a link to memories of people and the past.
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The Australian Alps – care for the alps – Leave No Trace brochure

Download and read the brochure on more information as to how you can do your part in caring for the alps.