Use a fuel stove

It’s quicker and cleaner for you, better for the bush

Compared to campfires fuel stoves are much quicker and easier to use, especially in wet weather – and they don’t leave unsightly, long lasting scars. Collecting firewood disturbs and destroys the habitat of many of the Alps’ tiny plants and animals. In alpine areas where the growing season is very short, plants are very slow to recover.

Remember to place your stove or hot pots on hard surfaces, as plants can be easily damaged by the heat. Do not light fires above or near the tree line and check for:

  • Local ‘fuel stove only’ areas and other fire restrictions,
  • Total fire ban days (includes fuel stoves)

If you must have a fire use an existing fire place and keep it small. Always ensure it is out before you leave. Use water not soil to put out your fire and always check the coals are completely cold.

Escaped campfires have led to disastrous bushfires.