In winter every car must carry properly fitting snow chains, and drivers must be aware of precautions to be taken to prevent cars freezing in very cold weather. In particular, radiators must contain antifreeze, and when cars are parked for long periods the windscreen wipers should be pulled away from the windscreen, and handbrakes should be left off, to prevent them freezing on.

In heavy snow or icy conditions, police and rangers will instruct drivers to fit chains or will place signs indicating that they are necessary. Bays are provided on the left of the road in places where it is likely that chains will be needed. Always follow the instructions and signs, and also fit them if you think it may be necessary, or you may risk losing control of the car on what can be dangerous roads.

Practice fitting chains before you drive into the parks, because the last place you’ll want to learn their intricacies is kneeling in the mud and snow on a hard freezing road.