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About The Australian Alps National Parks

Inspire and challenge your spirit of adventure! The Australian Alps National Parks are a cross state and territory partnership which conserve and promote Australia's alpine region as one biogeographical entity.

Alps in Flower – Kosciuszko NP Main Range – January 2015

Download the Alps in Flower – Kosciuszko Jan 2015 listing.

Aciphylla glacialis Mountain Celery
Aciphylla simplicifolia Mountain Aciphyll
Asperula pusilla Alpine Woodruff
Baeckea gunniana Alpine Baeckea
Brachyscome nivalis Snow Daisy
Brachyscome obovata Baw Baw Daisy
Brachyscome scapigera Tufted Daisy
Brachyscome spathulata Spoon Daisy
Brachyscome stolonifera* Gwenda’s Daisy
Caladenia alpina Alpine Caladenia
Cardamine lilacina s.l. Native Bitter Cress
Cardamine robusta Snow Bitter Cress
Celmisia costiniana Herbfield Celmisia
Chionochloa frigida Ribbony grass
Craspedia costiniana Hairy Billy-button
Craspedia lamicola Shiny-leaf Billy-button
Craspedia leucantha* Pale Billy-button
Craspedia maxgrayi Woolly Billy-button
Craspedia sp. B Sticky Billy-button
Dichosciadium ranunculaceum Wreath Pennywort
Drosera arcturi Alpine Sundew
Epacris glacialis Bog Heath
Epacris microphylla Coral Heath
Epacris paludosa Swamp Heath
Epacris petrophila Snow Heath
Epilobium gunnianum Gunn’s Willow-herb
Erigeron nitidus Sticky Fleabane
Erigeron setosus Dwarf Fleabane
Euphrasia collinasubsp. glacialis Snow Eyebright
Ewartia nubigena Silver Ewartia
Geranium potentilloides var. abditum Mountain Crane’s-bill
Grevillea australis Alpine Grevillea
Kunzea muelleri Yellow Kunzea
Leptorhynchos squamatus s.l. Scaly Buttons
Leucochrysum albicans Alpine Sunray
Leucopogon (now Acrothamnus) montanus Snow Beard-heath
Luzula spp. Woodrush
Microseris lanceolata Native Dandelion
Neopaxia australasica White Purslane
Olearia algida Alpine Daisy-bush
Oreomyrrhis ciliata Bog Caraway
Oreomyrrhis eriopoda Australian Caraway
Oreomyrrhis pulvinifica Cushion Caraway
Orites lancifolia Alpine Orites
Oschatzia cuneifolia Wedge Oschatzia
Oxylobium ellipticum Common Shaggy Pea
Pentachondra pumila Carpet Heath
Phebalium ovatifolium Ovate Phebalium
Pimelea alpina Alpine Rice-flower
Poa fawcettiae Smooth-blue Snow-grass
Poa sp
Podocarpus lawrencei Mountain Plum-pine
Prasophyllum tadgellianum Tadgell’s Leek-orchid
Prostanthera cuneata Alpine Mint Bush
Ranunculus anemoneus Anemone Buttercup
Ranunculus graniticola Granite Buttercup
Ranunculus gunnianus Gunn’s Alpine Buttercup
Ranunculus millanii Dwarf Buttercup
Ranunculus muelleri Felted Buttercup
Ranunculus niphophilus Snow Buttercup
Richea continentis Candle Heath
Senecio gunnii Gunn’s Groundsel
Senecio pectinatus var. major Alpine Groundsel
Senecio pinnatifolius var. pleiocephalus Highland Groundsel
Stackhousia pulvinarus Alpine Stackhousia
Trisetum spicatum Bristle-grass
Viola betonicifolia Showy Violet
Wahlenbergia ceracea Waxy Bluebell


Greater Alpine National Parks Draft Management Plan

Greater Alpine National Parks Draft Management PlanParks Victoria is pleased to advise that the Greater Alpine National Parks Draft Management Plan is now released for public comment.

Comments are invited on the draft management plan which outlines a fifteen year vision and strategic focus for the management of over 900,000 hectares of parks and historic areas in eastern Victoria, including Alpine, Baw Baw, Mount Buffalo, Errinundra and Snowy River National Parks, Avon Wilderness Park, Tara Range Park, and Walhalla and four other historic areas.

The plan will guide future management of these important areas. Key elements include fire management, managing pest animals and weeds, and maintaining and improving opportunities for tourism and recreation. The draft plan also highlights the need to work with the community, particularly the many groups and individuals who have long-held connections with the area, to deal with these challenges.

The draft plan was developed with advice from the Alpine Advisory Committee and significant public input, including community open house meetings and on-line engagement. I encourage interested individuals and groups to contribute to planning for the future of these important areas. Written submissions can be sent to the Brian Doolan, Manager, Park Planning and Procedures, Parks Victoria, Level 10, 535 Bourke Street Melbourne, VIC 3000, or emailed to by Monday 25 August 2014. All submissions will be carefully considered in finalising the plan.

For further information refer to the complementary Review of information and Issues document, which is available to download with the plan at Printed copies of the plan may be obtained from the Parks Victoria Information Centre on 13 19 63.

Parks Victoria maintains a database of people wishing to be notified of park management plans. If you no longer wish to receive information regarding park management plans, please email


NSW events for June 2014


1st Tumut Bushwalkers – Old Currango via Mosquito Creek Trail Ted Conroy 0269473058
15th Tumut Bushwalkers – Ellerslie Nature Reserve – Blanch Creek Valley Dennis Chinner 0269479269
22nd Tumut Bushwalkers – “The Two Tumba Treks” Walk Nancye McInerney 0269491632
29th Tumut Bushwalkers – Livingstone National Park Dennis Chinner 0269479269

For more information on walks in the region, please contact the one of the Kosciuszko National Park offices.