Carry it in, carry it out

Whatever it is, don’t burn, bury or leave anything

Many kinds of rubbish can be created during a trip, like food scraps, empty cans and packets, used matches, plastic bread ties, sanitary pads, tampons, condoms, tissues, toilet paper and cigarette butts. So please be sure none of it ends up as litter.

This includes your toileting waste

Use a toilet or take a walk. Practice minimum impact by carrying out toileting and human waste. More info and guidance on how to be prepared and how to here.

Most rubbish does not decompose, even if it is buried or burnt.

Rubbish creates an ugly eyesore or washes into watercourses and pollutes them. Animals may also try to eat it and harm themselves.
Always carry rubbish bags and carry out everything – even be prepared to collect litter you see during your trip.