Flora and fauna

The diversity of vegetation in the Australian Alps provides habitats for a wide range of animals. More than forty species of native mammals, two hundred bird species, thirty reptiles species, fifteen amphibians, fourteen native fish species and many species of invertebrates call the Australian Alps their home. There are also many species of animals not native, but introduced, to the Alps. Introduced mammals include dogs, cats, pigs, horses, the house mouse, the European rabbit, the black rat and the red fox.

Summer visitors to the Australian Alps are often greeted by mass displays of yellow billy buttons, pink trigger plants, white snow and silver daisies and many other species of flowering herbs and shrubs. Species from across nearly all Australian plant families grow here either in the eucalypt forests of the montane slopes or the open woodlands and herbfields of the alpine and subalpine plateaus. Although most of the plants of the Alps are recognisably similar to those growing in other areas of Australia, the species that grow here have evolved special characteristics in response to this harsh environment.

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