Moving the Australian Alps – from Bright to Canberra

Australian Alps Liaison Committee
Media release
Date: 6 August 2007

Attention: News editors, Chiefs of staff, environment reporters

The Australian Alps national parks cover the large ‘snowy’ mountainous region of southeastern Australia – crossing State and Territory borders of Victoria, NSW and the ACT.

The Australian Alps Cooperative Management Program brings together the conservation agencies that manage the various parks and reserves of the Alps. Under the Australian Alps charter, the Program Manager position is rotated through the peak park management agencies in Vic, NSW and the ACT every three years.

In July, the centre of the Australian Alps relocated to Canberra. Rod Atkins was appointed to manage the program for the next three year term. ACT Chief Minister and Minister for the Environment, Jon Stanhope, welcomed the move.

“The Australian Alps national parks are not only a very significant part of Australia but with Namadgi National Park and Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve forming part of the cooperative program, it is also very significant for the ACT”, said Mr Stanhope. “The Australian Alps play a critical role in not only nature protection but also in supplying the vital water supplies for our major rivers such as the Murray and Murrumbidgee. It is also a critical area for monitoring the effects of climate change. My Government is pleased to be hosting the Alps program Manager position for the next three years”, he said.

Gill Anderson, Parks Victoria, coordinated the program over the past three years. Gill was based in Bright on the edge of the Alpine National Park. She was involved in a string of innovative and exciting projects including the Indigenous peoples gathering held in Jindabyne in 2005.

But all good things come to pass, or are passed on…

“I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to work with the various conservation agencies of the Australian Alps and look forward to a productive and exciting three years ahead,” said Rod

“Over the next three years around $750,000 is expected to be spent on a variety of cooperative projects that enhance the protection and appreciation of our distinctively unique Australian Alps national parks” added Rod.

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