Climate Change workshop at Falls Creek 16-18 April

Australian Alps Liaison Committee
Media release
Date: 13 April 2007

The Australian Alps Liaison Committee (AALC) in conjunction with the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) is holding a 3 day workshop on Climate Change at Falls Creek from Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th April.

Up to sixty participants, including park managers from Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT and Alpine resort staff, will hear from Australian leaders in climate change science and research.

The workshop – Climate Change – What are the Implications for Management? is the second in an annual series of workshops held by the AALC to bring together scientists and park and recreation managers.

Australian Alps convenor Gill Anderson said, “The workshops will bring together managers of Alpine environments to provide an overview of global warming and climate change with particular emphasis on implications for management of the Australian Alps National Parks.

“Participants will have the chance to hear from some of Australia’s leading scientists and researchers and discuss how they can use the information provided in their own work situation. We will be looking for strategies and adaptations combined with more sustainable practices that might help mitigate the impacts of climate change in our everyday business.” Gill continued.

Presenters include: Dr Graeme Pearman past Chief of CSIRO Atmospheric Research and a leading Australian expert on climate change, Dr Neville Nicholls from Monash University and member of the Intergovernmental advisory panel on climate change, Dr Dick Williams a plant ecologist and fire researcher for CSIRO and Dr Ken Green from the Department of Environment and Conservation an expert on climate change and impacts on fauna.