Australian Alps tourism push takes great strides

Australian Alps Liaison Committee
Media release
Date: 10 October 2007

A bid to have the Australian Alps included in an international tourism campaign has received a push with the announcement by Tourism Australia that it will fund an ‘audit’ of the range of experiences the Alps region has to offer.

Tourism Australia has also announced it will fund a ‘brand coach’ to help the bid team identify their marketing strengths and add impetus to the push for status in the Federal Government’s National Landscapes Program.

Spokesman Peter Jacobs said: “We have just finalised our submission to the National Landscapes Program highlighting why the Australian Alps region should be included in the associated international marketing campaign. This program specifically promotes a partnership between tourism and conservation and the Alps are well placed to present that partnership.

“We’re really pleased that in recognition of the strength of the Australian Alps bid Tourism Australia has agreed to fund two projects that will provide information to consolidate the bid.

“The bid will help ensure the Australian Alps are added to a list of icon sites under the National Landscapes program. The list of iconic landscapes will be promoted vigorously around the world as one of Australia’s key visitor destinations for people seeking unique experiences. Providing sustainable tourism in a sensitive and distinctive environment is a strength of the Australian Alps region.”

Mr Jacobs added: “The job of developing the ‘Brand’ for the Australian Alps region has been given to Charlotte Prouse. Charlotte is very experienced in helping businesses identify exactly what it is about their products they should be marketing to clients.

“Janet Mackay of ‘Planning for People’ based in Berridale in the NSW Snowy Mountains has been selected to carry out an ‘experiences audit’. This will involve documenting the range of experiences the Australian Alps Region has to offer the target market coined ‘experience seekers’.”

The Australian Alps national parks program has volunteered to take on a primary administrative role for the Alps bid along with Tourism Snowy Mountains (NSW), North East Regional Tourism (Victoria), Gippsland Regional Tourism (Victoria), Tourism Victoria, Tourism NSW, Tourism ACT, local government tourism bodies, Alpine Resorts, Australian Ski Areas Association, Parks Victoria, the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and ACT Parks, Conservation and Lands.

The bid partners are very confident that there will be considerable long term economic benefits for the regional economy through increased tourism promotion and opportunities.

It is expected that both tasks will be completed in the next few months.

Media Enquiries

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