The effects of fire on fauna in the Australian Alps national parks: A database

KL Brown, LS Gadd, TW Norton, JE Williams and NI Klom
Albury 1998
ISBN 1875758 79 8



This report and the FIRE AND FAUNA database have been compiled for the Australian Alps Liaison Committee (AALC). The faunal habitat information in the database is based on a fauna-habitat matrix for Kosciuszko National Park (KNP) developed by Woods (1996). The database provides information on the effects or possible effects of fire on vertebrates recorded within the Australian Alps National Parks (AANP). Where known, effects of various aspects of fire regimes, fuel reduction activities, and fire suppression techniques on fauna and habitat, are included. Recommendations are made for future research, and an update of the fire and fauna database.

The area covered in the database encompasses the AANP including; Namadgi National Park (ACT), Kosciuszko National Park, Brindabella National Park, Bimberi Nature Reserve, Scabby Range Nature Reserve (NS W), and the Alpine National Park, Avon Wilderness Park and Snowy River National Park (Victoria). The Australian Alps National Parks span from near Canberra in the North to the north-east of Melbourne in the South. They contain a great diversity of environments, rare and threatened flora and fauna, and have world heritage values. The AANP do not consist entirely of alpine areas, but also contain large areas of foothills and montane landforms. Elevation ranges from approximately 300m to 2230m. A large number of vertebrate fauna exist in a variety of vegetation/habitat complexes within the AANP.