Protecting the natural treasures of the Australian Alps

A report to the Natural Heritage Working Group of the Australian Alps Liaison Committee
Peter Coyne, May 2001



The Australian Alps are a treasure-trove of remarkable features, some of which occur only there the only marsupial species which stores food; an insect which changes colour to reflect or absorb heat as a way of regulating its body temperature; a beautiful, cliff-bound, lake created by the grinding action of a glacier. The catalogue is long and diverse, yet the great natural value of the Australian Alps is rarely fully recognised.

This report identifies more than one thousand significant natural features of the Australian Alps, and the threats to their continued survival, and assesses the priorities for resourcing for research and management. The recommendations are designed to improve the long-term security of precious national and international assets by encouraging collection of more and better information and by striving for the best possible management approaches right across the Australian Alps.

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