Camping in the Australian Alps

Australian Alps Liaison Committee, 2008


Wherever and however you Camp

Camping in the Australian Alps is an unforgettable experience, whether you drive, walk, horse ride or ski to your campsite.

Enjoy spectacular scenery, wildlife, mountain air, peace, quiet and the sheer exhilaration of “being in the Alps”

You and your group are our vital link in caring for the Alps

Please read on for easy directions on how to camp, have fun and leave no trace.

PLEASE… Plan, plan, plan before you leave

  • Do you know where you are going? Are there suitable camp sites there? What do you need to bring? Park staff are there to help.
  • Your tent is your castle, but please “no moats dug” around it. Find a firm dry spot.
  • Please use our Loo! No Loo? Then bury your poo! But fair go, dig deep, and well away from water and other campers (at lease 15cm deep in the soil and 100m away). A garden trowel will make it easier on your nails.
  • No additive required in mountain streams. Camp and wash well away from the water (100m is good.) Don’t “bust a gut” or the stream banks, use a big container to collect a lot of water, less often.
  • Cold and hungry? Use a stove for a quick and easy hot meal. Ok, so you have an incurable fire addiction, then use only dead fallen wood in the fire place, and really make sure it’s out. Barefoot fire walking is always a good check.
  • Don’t get left out in the cold. Huts are there for emergencies! Take your tent.
  • Others have camped here before, maybe for thousands of years. Enjoy your special camp site but please respect heritage places.
  • Less is better! Small groups (4-8) are more fun for all. Need to bring the whole football team? then keep the noise down and leave no trace.
  • Feed yourself not the animals.
  • Ditch packaging before you leave home, saves carrying extra rubbish out with you!


Car camping is a great way to enjoy the Alps, but please…

  • Stick to the vehicle tracks and use car parks
  • No car park? Keep the road clear, don’t damage plants, don’t get stuck!
  • Are the roads open and what are the conditions like? Check before you leave.
  • Remember wheel chains in winter. Icy spin outs are not fun.
  • Pets and guns in Parks…Forget it NO WAY!
  • Slow down and stay safe on mountain roads.

Bushwalking and Snowcamping

If you are experienced and organised or go with those who are, you will have a great time bushwalking and skiing in the Alps. Enjoy and keep the Alps a great place for all. Please…

  • Camp on solid ground, away from sphagnum bogs and wet herb fields.
  • Meadow stompers not required thanks, wear lightweight shoes around the camp.
  • Frozen surprises? No thanks. Bury your poo in the dirt below the snow.
  • Fires in the snow? No go! take a stove. Fires only in the hut fireplaces please.
  • Burning down the house? Stoves in tents are a combustible combination. Dig an “ice kitchen” near your tent and cook there, no refrigeration required. Don’t break a leg! Fill in the “kitchen” when you go.
  • Go “off peak” you’ll have a great wilderness experience and less impact.
  • Check out the weather forecast! Whiteouts and blizzards can be dangerous and are no fun.
  • Tell someone who cares, where you’re going and for how long. Please remember to tell them when you get back.


Horseriding in the Australian Alps is a wonderful experience. Please…

  • Keep it under control!…Your horse that is!
  • Weeds in the Alps, no thanks, use only weed free feed, in a nose bag.
  • Take the water to the horse, not the horse to the water.
  • Hard hooves destroy fragile lake and stream banks so tether well away from the water, campers and huts.
  • And remember to… change the scene, move camp after two nights


It is really important when camping in the Australian Alps to remember to…

  • Plan ahead
  • Use a fuel stove
  • Carry it in, Carry it out
  • Got to ‘go’?
  • Stay on track
  • Respect Heritage
  • Leave no trace

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