Australian Alps recreation strategy

June 2001 (Janet Mackay & Associates)



As part of the program of cooperative management for the Australian Alps, the Australian Alps Liaison Committee commissioned a recreation plan to be prepared for the northern area of Kosciuszko National Park, known as Long Plain Tantangara, and the western part of Namadgi National Park. The planning area includes the Brindabella range and other peaks forming the border between the ACT and NSW.

Whilst the two areas are managed by different agencies, the close cooperation arising from the Australian Alps program enables management issues to be considered in tandem. In addition to addressing the recreation planning and management issues arising within the planning area, the project was required to utilise a model developed for recreation planning in the Australian Alps, and to recommend adaptations to the model to make it more useful for park managers operating in the Alps.

This project is stage 3 of the three stage project undertaken by the Recreation and Tourism working group of the Australian Alps Liaison Committee over a three year period.