Australian Alps National Landscape Tourism Strategy


Purpose of the Tourism Strategy

The National Landscapes program is a partnership between Tourism Australia and Parks Australia, developed to identify and promote around 15 of Australia’s best natural and cultural landscapes. The program aims to populate Brand Australia with world-class visitor experiences that draw on the landscape’s nature and culture to appeal to the Experience Seeker. The Australian Alps is one of these National Landscapes.

The Australian Alps experience is original. It’s authentic. And its strengths have appeal to the international Experience Seeker.

It offers a distinctive, inspiring experience of powerful nature seen in sweeping mountain ranges, and cultural heritage and lifestyle that reveal the legendary Australian spirit, played out on a vast stage yet delivered through intimate, personal encounters and moments.

It covers about five million hectares and cuts across three State boundaries and many land tenures and stakeholder interests. It has been identified as one of the nation’s iconic National Landscapes that offer exceptional nature experiences, opening the door to the development and marketing of the Australian Alps as an integrated destination.

The Australian Alps National Landscape Tourism Strategy is geared to the needs of the Experience Seeker. Less than 10% of Australian Alps visitors are Experience Seekers yet they currently represent about 60% of Australia’s inbound market. They stay longer, have a higher than average spend and represent a growth opportunity for the Australian Alps. Its focus is squarely on the international market segment.

Coming together with one united voice, the Australian Alps has the opportunity to reach Australia’s preferred global tourism segment, the high yield Experience Seeker.

The key appeals of the Alps are well matched to this segment, which wants real, personal experiences; high levels of local engagement; adventure; and a holiday with a difference that is not necessarily about mass market tourism.

The Tourism Strategy is a high-level strategic document aimed at identifying tourism opportunities and potential for the international Experience Seeker market and therefore does not aim to address all tourism or recreation opportunities. However it acknowledges that if the Australian Alps gets it right for the discerning Experience Seeker target market, it will also have greater appeal to the domestic market.

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