Australian Alps mining heritage conservation and presentation strategy

Cultural Heritage Working Group Australian Alps Liaison Committee
LRGM – Services, 30 April 2002



This report is a strategic assessment of mining heritage in the Australian Alps that begins with a thematic study. It has been a monumental task that can be considered begun, not completed, because mining has been such a complex and pervasive influence throughout the Australian Alps National Parks and attached Historic Areas.

This report presents an Alps-wide study of historical mining, and a conservation and presentation strategy. In any such detailed and wide-ranging study, it is inevitable that the final product will be bulky. To facilitate its use in the field, the more detailed information and discussion has been included in appendices, and can be accessed according to need or interest. The actual report is more user-friendly, and the Heritage Action Plan in section 9 provides the summary recommendations, and the references to assist in their accomplishment.