Australian Alps first people’s gathering

Jindabyne 30 April – 2 May 2010



This is the second Gathering of the First Peoples’ of the Australian Alps. The last gathering was held in 2005 at Dinner Plain.

This Gathering was convened by the Australian Alps Traditional Owner’s Reference Group (AATORG) and the Australian Alps Liaison Committee (AALC) at the request of the Traditional Owners (TOs) from across the Australian Alps region. The decision was to hold the second Gathering at Jindabyne from 30 April to 2 May 2010. A media release was sent out on 29 April 2010 to inform people of the Gathering and where and when it would be held.

Before the Gathering formally began the delegates stood and observed a Minute Silence for all those countrymen and women who have passed on over the last 5 years since the last Gathering in 2005.

Goals and objectives – It was perceived by the Facilitator from talking with Traditional Owners leading up to the Gathering, that there were a couple of interesting and important issues being voiced. The objective would be to work towards common ground for the benefit of all Aboriginal people across the Australian Alps. To put it simply and succinctly, the following borrowed words from Paul McLeod, member of AATORG sums it up to a tee about the intention of the Australian Alps First Peoples’ Gathering for 2010.

“We are here as a unified collective group to work and give direction to park management for the betterment of the whole lot of us mob.”

Appendix to the report

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