Annual Report 2006-2007 | Australian Alps Program

Australian Alps Liaison Committee
ISSN 1320-8594



During this reporting period the Australian Alps national parks Co-operative Management Program has ‘come of age’ with the marking of the 21st anniversary of the signing of the Alps memorandum of understanding understanding (MOU) through a celebration and Alps futures workshop at Thredbo in June.

There have been many important projects during the reporting period that reflect the diversity of the material the program deals with, and the people involved, from within and outside the participating agencies. In collaboration with the IUCN WCPA, the AALC ran the second in a series of annual forums to close the gap between operational management and applied science. Over 60 staff from a range of agencies attended the three-day forum in Falls Creek which provided an overview of climate change research and findings of particular relevance to the management of the Australian Alps national parks. As another example, The “Dogs in Space” project has provided valuable information, which is likely to be of ongoing use to both park managers and adjoining landholders, about the spatial movements of wild dogs in remote areas of national park.

Over 20 different projects, workshops and products were produced or continued to be developed throughout the reporting period. This report outlines those achievements and highlights the ongoing success of the Program.