Annual Report 2005-2006 | Australian Alps Program

Australian Alps Liaison Committee
ISSN 1320-8594



This year (2005-2006) marks the 20th anniversary of the original signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in relation to the management of the Australian Alps national parks.

During the year the Alps Program kept up a steady pace of workshops, forums and conferences designed to further one or more of the Programs goals:

  • improving communication,
  • sharing expertise, skills and technical knowledge,
  • building on key result area strategies and programs, and
  • the participation of agency staff from across the Alps in best practice park management.

In 2005-2006 some important community and inter-agency partnerships were consolidated; the result, several new and challenging projects. The Keep Winter Cool campaign raising awareness about global warming (and loss of snow), and the inaugural Science Management Forum are just a couple of examples.

This annual report reflects the continued success of the cooperative management program for park managers, the community and the parks. It outlines the strategies and initiatives undertaken during the year and provides an overview of the Program’s governance and management.