Annual Report 2003-2004 | Australian Alps Program

Australian Alps Liaison Committee
ISSN 1320-8594



For the Australian Alps national parks Co-operative Management Program, 2003-2004 was a year of reflection and recuperation following the previous summer’s bushfire campaign. It was a time for Alps staff to come together, talk, strengthen networks and plan for the future.

During the year strategies, guidelines and nominations – especially ones relating to fire recovery and rehabilitation – were developed as well as a future framework for the Alps Program. Agency staff and other experts participated in workshops where new initiatives and recommendations for many and varied projects such as:

  • alpine bog recovery
  • wild horse control
  • management of the Australian Alps Walking Track, and
  • interpreting the 2003 fires

Also, during 2003-2004 a new Strategic Plan for the Alps Program was born. This new plan covering the years 2004–2007 is built around eight key result areas. These areas, developed with extensive input from agency staff, reflect the goals and aims of the Alps Program and the Memorandum of Understanding.

This annual report includes information about the various projects and achievements across the Alps Program, all with application to improved park management, staff development and community appreciation.