Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Working for the Australian Alps national parks
  2. More information for assignments
  3. More information about visiting the Australian Alps

1. How can I work for the Australian Alps national parks?

The Australian Alps national parks Co-operative Management Program only employs one full-time person (program manager) and one part-time person (community projects).

Day-to-day work in the parks is carried out by dedicated employees of the Australian Alps Program’s management agencies.

We can’t offer a job or work experience, but the following leads might help you gain experience or get a job:

2. Please give me more information – I’ve got an assignment to do

High School Students

Check our online Education Kit in the Learn about the Alps section.

Tertiary Students

The Education Kit mentioned above will provide a good starting point for college and university students.

More detailed information can be found in publications available from our Research Reports page and our Reference List has details of published reference books you may be able to borrow through your institution’s library.

If you are searching for scientific references go to the resources page of the Australian Institute of Alpine Studies website, you’ll find plenty of leads there particularly in the newsletters, the database and the virtual library.

3. Please give me more information about visiting the Australian Alps national Parks

If you are visiting Australia from overseas you will discover loads of info about travelling around Australia on – Australia’s official tourism website.

Background information about national parks in the Australian Alps can be found on the following sections of this site:

See our Publications section for books that may help you plan your trip to the Australian Alps.

If you are looking for information specific to Victoria, NSW or the ACT visit their parks websites – they will have the most up to date information about their parks:

More Information

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