Horse riding

Horse riding areas

Horse riding areas in the Australian Alps national parks fall into the following classifications:

Designated trails

  • Riding is permitted only on trails designated for horse riding.
  • Trails are usually signposted.
  • Camping with horses is usually not permitted.

These trails may be intensively used or may be in environmentally sensitive areas and must be closely monitored to control soil erosion, weed and other problems.

Please act in accordance with signposting and remain on authorised trails. Do not take short cuts.

It is very important that riders co-operate with park staff to ensure that trail riding remains an appropriate means of enjoying these areas.

Designated areas

Riding is permitted on management tracks and other signposted trails within a designated areas.

Camping with horses may be permitted.

Cross country riding

Cross country riding may be permitted in some areas subject to conditions to minimise impacts.

Spread out in open untracked country rather than ride in single file. This spreads the impact and assists trampled plants to recover.