Horse riding

Planning a ride

Park regulations vary between states – When planning a ride into a park and to ensure that they are familiar with park regulations, riders should contact the local park offices. Routes and campsites can be worked out to minimise impacts while allowing for your enjoyment of the park.

You will receive information on current conditions applying to horse riding such as:

  • permit requirements for riding and camping
  • prohibited areas (including designated wilderness areas or zones)
  • use of management tracks and trails
  • horse numbers permitted
  • roads open to vehicles
  • special conditions applying to individual parks.

In addition;

  • riders who regularly use an area should check for any changes when providing trip details to park staff
  • some parks, such as the Alpine National Park, also have self-registration locations of permit systems. Please use them as well as contacting park staff. Information collected assists in park management and planning for recreation use
  • leave full details of your trip with a responsible person.